A little bit about me…

I’m an information technology and cyber security professional with twenty years experience in IT support, system administration, security and training in home, small business, corporate, and educational and healthcare settings.

I’m passionate about technology, and have always been fascinated by the evolutions and breakthroughs and how they have literally changed the way we live and work in such a short space of time.

I’m also father to a 7 year old who is curious about all things technology and science related.

Why I created Digital Life Rescue…

Today, computing devices are more affordable than ever and the choice is staggering. Online shopping and banking, social networking and cloud services are everywhere. It is common for people to have three or more computer devices. These devices are always on, always connected. Communication and access to information is instant.

The latest Internet connected gadgets are on our children’s christmas and birthday lists from the earliest age. Homes, cars, toys and domestic appliances are all getting connected. Lives play out on social media, computer games are stunningly realistic. Cyber bullying and stalking are taking a toll in the real world. Our personal information might be stored in several places, often without us knowing. Cyber crime is big business and criminals are free to work across borders from anywhere in the world with high rewards and low risk.

I believe that everybody needs to become more aware of how we engage with technology, how we manage, protect, share and entrust our digital lives and how we can reap its rewards while also minimising the risks that come with it and the negative effects that it may have. It’s my hope that Digital Life Rescue will be able to help in some small way towards that goal.

My certifications

I hold GIAC GSEC cyber security certification and am a GIAC Advisory Board member. Click the digital badges below for further information and to verify my credentials.